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Everything with the extra large breeds is super sized, including the grocery bill, the dog mats, the vet bill and more.

So when it comes to providing shelter the same is true for their shelter, they require extra large dog houses.



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Considering the dog house kennel combination option

There is one option that is the ideal solution for your extra-large dog or a tribe of smaller dogs and that is the dog house kennel combination (images above).

These homes offer the best of both worlds for your dog, it allows them to have an outdoors fenced in kennel option as well as a sheltered area to get out of harsh weather.

Some of the models also feature an adult door entrance where you can store dog supplies like dog food, harness and leashes.

These homes offer your dog or dogs the opportunity to experience their outside world without the fear of them wandering off.

The best feature is no matter how large your dog may be these dog houses will be able to accommodate their needs.


Large dogs require room to spread out

A Great Pyrenees Mountain dog is a giant and is not likely going to fit in any off the shelf dog houses. So it is going to require some extra effort to find the ultimate home for these magnificent dogs.

Or extra large dog houses for the larger breeds including Great Danes, St. Bernard, Bull Mastiffs, etc you get the idea. These large breed dogs need extra large dog houses that will stand up to their weight, size demands and still be comfortable.

When these giants lie down it is usually with a big thump! So a cheap dog house is not going to last! Looking at your various options for Extra Large Dog Houses:

The options that you have available are

build an extra large dog house by yourself which is going to require a skill set and the right tools, not to mention a good amount of your spare time.

You will require a good plan with a complete materials list and a good understanding what type of wood materials will hold up over the years and provide comfort for your dog.

The next option is to pay someone to build the house for you, however to pay a journeyman carpenter is not going to be cheap unless you want a substandard house.

The other option is the big box store which is not going to have a good selection because the size takes up too much floor space, finally there is an online store that specializes in dog houses, especially extra large dwellings.

The extra large dog house selection process.

We feature homes that will accommodate these regal enormous breeds and all the tiny ones as well! We feature extra large dog houses as well as custom doghouse & kennel combinations that allow the best of both worlds for your pet.

Your dog can enjoy the outdoors in a kennel area and also be able to get out of the harsh weather when needed.