Extra Large Orthopedic Dog Beds

Extra Large Orthopedic Dog Beds


Large comfortable beds for large dogs!

Providing A Comfortable Sleeping Experience For Your Dog

Ever had a really bad night’s sleep? Of course you have at some point in time and the next day you feel terrible and in some cases it can last for days.

Well your extra large dog can have the same problem that is where extra large orthopedic dog beds come in handy!

The oversize dog breeds have many issues not just a large dog food and vet bills; there are other issues as well like taking up a lot of real estate with their huge bodies.

The large breed dogs may have trouble sleeping at night if they do not have a comfortable surface to lie on, this is especially important when they get older.

An orthopedic bed will allow them to stretch out and have a good night’s sleep and the next day the bed will maintain its original shape without any lumps.

Some of the aliments your dog can have (especially older pets) that make resting or sleeping a challenge:

Hip dysplasia

There are some breeds that are more susceptible to this condition than other breeds such as German Shepherds.


Just like our joints ache at times your dog can also experience discomfort from painful joint issues.

Any type of injury or muscle loss

If your pet requires some type of surgery (like our dog that just had their spleen removed) resting can be difficult without a soft surface.

The extra large orthopedic dog bed is the answer for the elderly dog that wants to sleep all night just like we do.

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