Fancy Indoor Dog House | Medium Pink

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Portable Indoor Dog House

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Features Of The Portable Indoor Dog House

- Unique attic storage for your dog’s toys, leashes or blankets.
- Comfortable memory foam/Sherpa mattress is included with purchase. One side of the pillow case is warm sherpa fleece for the colder winter months, while the other side is a soft cotton canvas that is a bit cooler for summer. The pillow case is removable and washable and now has a zipper enclosure.(See photos)
- Travel friendly – Easy to transport with the carrying case that is included. (See photos)
- Fast and easy assembly - No tools required. Easy to move room one room to another if needed. (See video)

This fancy indoor dog house not only makes a safe and secure comfortable area for your pet but it also looks great in your home.

Why our dogs like a hideaway

Prehistoric dog lived in a den with a small opening that widened out so they could turn around. The den provided a safe and secure feeling for them especially if they had puppies.

The small opening was easy to defend because it would allow passage for only one animal at a time therefore providing a secure environment,

The same is true for our current pet; they want to feel secure in their own space especially if they feel anxiety.

If you crate train your puppy over time they will return to the crate because it is their safe haven. But who wants an ugly crate in their home?

This is where the soft portable indoor dog house comes into play; it is functional yet attractive even to fit it with most home décor.

Most dogs are not comfortable sleeping in the open, it would be like humans sleeping outside, most people would not feel comfortable and secure.

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