Firwood Dog Houses

Firwood Dog House

Firwood Dog Houses are an economical solution

Looking for the perfect doghouse solution but you are on a strict budget?

These homes may be just what you are looking for!

Firwood construction provides an excellent shelter at a reasonable price.

Firwood will last if you give it a little TLC, give it a coat of stain/sealer every so often.

How often will be determined by where you reside in terms of climate and where the house is positioned in your backyard.

If it is going to be exposed to direct sunlight all day long and you live in Arizona then it may require more than if the house is under a shade tree.

The ideal solution is to use a sealer/stain that is commonly used for decks or wood fences.

These dog houses feature:

Raised Feet 

Vinyl Flap Door (not a standard feature  but we provide one)

Offset Door

Weatherproof Shingles

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