Giant Breed Dog House | Dog House For 2 Dogs

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  • Dog House For Multiple Dogs

These Doowaggle luxury dog house kits will provide excellent comfort for your dog and allow access for you via an adult size door to clean & inspect!

Live in a cold climate?

You may consider our insulation & luan interior option see image above (choose from menu above $499.00).

These kits are secured on a pallet and delivered to your front door via truck.

This dog house is the ideal solution for a multiple dogs or for the dog owner of an extra large breed like a Great Dane, Bull Mastiff, St. Bernard or similar size breeds. 

This dog house kit is better than most duplex dog house because it offers more head room and has no center divider, plus it has an adult door for easy access. (please see additional images above).

Your dog house kit does not include paint, shingles, rain gutters or the 4x4's needed to support the floor if it is not going to be placed on a concrete pad. (image shown is for suggestion)

  • Dog House Specifications

Overall Dimensions: 4' x 6'.

Inside height: 61" Overall height: 77 1/2".

Adult door (on side) : 24" x 47"

Dog door size: 14" x 24" Door flap size: 13.9" x 23"

Optional Insulation & interior: 1 1/2" insulation with luan finished interior $499.00 extra(see photo)

Please note: The finished interior is only available with the insulation upgrade.

There are tips and insight on how to buy a dog house online.

Understanding how a dog house kit arrives and what you need to do for assembly.

Your dog house design options, including the different styles and material options.

Considering a dog house insulation option and what the benefits are.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About The Dog Houses For 2 Dogs:

Question: How is the dog house shipped to my house?

Answer: Since the kennel system is so large it has to be constructed in panels and then assembled when it reaches its new home. All the panels are secured on a shipping pallet, then covered and then transported by a freight truck. 

Which makes the free shipping feature a big deal since these dog house kennels are too large to ship by standard UPS or FedEx. Consider that on average the freight charge to ship these houses is $400 to $600.00 minimum.

Question: Can I have special custom work done before purchasing?

Answer: Yes we have done custom work for dog owners over the years and in almost all cases we have been able to fulfill the request, as long as it doesn’t require a complete redesign. Just call or email us with your request and we can give you a quote.

Question: Can I have the dog house insulated?

Answer: Absolutely there is an option for insulation just add it to your cart ($499.00).

Question: Is there an air condition heater unit that will work with this dog house kennel?

Answer: Yes, for more information go to our dog house heating cooling page and browse the model 2500 ($449.00) it will provide climate control for up to 400 cubic feet.

Question: Once the order is placed how long does it take before it arrives?

Answer: Since these are not “off the shelf” houses they have to be built so, depending on the time of the season (fall/winter is busy) it may take 2 – 3 weeks or less.

Once we get the order the wheels are immediately put in motion to get the house shipped as quickly as possible.