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If you are a dog owner then you understand that moment of terror when you realize that you dog is missing.

They slipped out of the backyard or other secure location and you have no idea where they are or how to find them before something horrible happens.

This is where technology in the modern age comes in handy because if you aware of dog tracking collars then you know they can provide a safety net when it comes to locating your dog.

So what do you look for in a GPS dog collar tracker?

When you are shopping for a GPS dog collar tracker, you need to consider the tracking range first and foremost.

You need to be able to monitor the location of your pet within a reasonably large area.

This is especially important for pets that consistently wander off.

A GPS dog tracker is an excellent way to track your dog. However, if you live “out in the middle of nowhere” a GPS tracker may not be your best option due to poor reception.

Your other option, in this case, is a radio frequency pet tracker which works like a wireless walkie-talkie.

These devices typically will not give you the exact location of your dog like a GPS dog tracker does, however, they let you know the direction of where your dog is headed and you can start the search.

However, if cellular and satellite coverage is very weak, a radio frequency pet tracker is an option and has a good battery life over a GPS tracker that has to be frequently recharged.