Hinged Roof Dog House | Medium

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Medium Hinged Roof Dog House


Hinged Roof Dog House With Vinyl Flap Door With Free Shipping (In USA)!

  • Dimensions: 40.5" Wide x 27.5" Deep x 25.75" High.
  • Door Opening: 12.75" Wide x 17" High.
  • Perfect for dog breeds – That are Spaniel, Large Terrier size, or similar size dogs.
  • Mode of solid wood construction.
  • Features a waterproof shingle roof and adjustable feet to raise your house off the ground if necessary.
  • Hinged slanted roof design that opens for easy access for cleaning or inspecting your pet.
  • Assembles in a matter of minutes with only a screwdriver.

Other features for your dogs comfort:

Firwood construction is sealed with a water based non toxic stain.

Adjustable feet on the house to raise or level the house for your pets comfort and accessibility.

Clear weather resistant vinyl flap for the door to help protect your dog from the elements.

Some help with other considerations.

Need some help with the dog house site preparation in your backyard? If you need it go to this page for some tips on preparing the area where the home will be placed.

Not sure how big the house should be? No worries go to this page for tips on how to selection the right size so you are not disappointed when it arrives.

A note about which size to order! 

When in doubt go to the next size larger (no we are not trying to sell a larger house, would you want to sleep on a mattress that was too small night after night)?