How To Buy A Dog House Online

How To Buy A Dog House Online

Tips on buying a dog house online

Sounds simple enough go online or to a big box store look at some houses and buy one.

However before you do here are some considerations on How To Buy A Dog House Online:

If you live in a climate that has extreme heat it is a good idea to have a vented roof on the house so the hot air flows out of the house and does not build up.

The same principle that is at work in your own home.

Again with the climate thing, if you reside in an area that has extreme cold and hot temperatures it might be wise to consider a house that is insulated.

This feature it will keep your pet cooler in the hot temperatures and warmer in the cold temperatures.

Dog house options that might be good for your dog.

It is a good idea to invest in a house that is raised off the ground, even if you place it on a solid surface like concrete or brick it will allow the air to flow beneath the house keeping is from premature rotting and your dog dry.

Depending on your dog and your situation it might be a good idea to look into the possibility of a solid locking door.

This would be ideal if you need to secure your dog from any individuals that may need to be in your backyard (maintenance people)  and you have an aggressive dog.

Finally another option to consider is insulated dog house kits, some of the houses already come with an insulation package while others may offer it as an upgrade.

This is the biggie, the most important of all considerations and that is the size of the house which is covered on our What Is The Right Size Dog House Below.

Lastly the design or look of the home.

The designer or luxury dog house option

If you are lucky enough to have an unlimited budget for your new dog house then you may want to consider luxury dog houses.

Of course opinions about what constitutes luxurious may vary depending on who you are talking to.

If it were a dog they might consider a home that has an enclosed area for protection and an outside kennel area where they can engage with outdoors.

Another option that might be nice is to have an enclosed area for storing dog supplies like food, leashes, food bowls and more. 

Of course you can't really call a home luxurious unless it looks really nice in your backyard like a Cape Cod design or a cute Victorian model.

Not only are these dog houses functional but are beautiful as well.

Choosing The Right Size Dog House

Okay I want a new dog house but what size do I need?

There are several obvious considerations when selecting the right size house for your dog.

You will need to consider the height of your dog for the door opening; they need to clear the door when they enter, however it is wise to have the entry as small as possible to help retain heat in the winter or to keep the house cooler in the summer.

So if the entry is approximately three fourths of the length (shoulder to ground) of your dog they can enter comfortably. However this is a guideline you know your dog better than anyone.

If your dog is elderly “ducking” (as most dogs do while entering a door) may be difficult and should be taken into consideration.

The next consideration is the width and the length for your dog, again breeds vary as does each dog. Your dog needs to be able to enter the dog house and turn around. Is your dog (gasp) overweight?

Dog House Sizes

If so that needs to be taken into consideration.

A guideline that can be used is not having the house more than 25% bigger than your dog.

So if your dog is 20 inches in length (nose to flank not including tail) then you may consider a house 25 inches in length & 25 inches in width or a little larger. Again this is a guideline.

If you are in a warm climate year round having the house a bit larger is not a problem.

On the other hand an over-sized house in a harsh winter climate is going to be hard to retain heat.

If you can’t decide, or if you think your dog is in-between sizes it is wise to go to the next size larger, look at it this way if you were buying a mattress would you want your feet hanging over the end?

Next consideration is the height of the dog house.

The 25% guideline applies here as well so if your dog stands 20 inches from head to toes your house should be approximately 25 inches tall or a little larger.

It is not a problem if the height is more than 25% as long as it does not exceed 50% of your dog’s height.

So there you have some guidelines, if you are still confused watch your dog and the next time they are stretched out on the floor take note of the space they need to be comfortable get a tape measure and measure that area.

Buying a big dog house online

One challenge that some dog owners may face is finding dog houses for large dogs with the large breed dogs it is not just the dog food bill that is big!

Big dogs need large houses and there may not be that much of a selection at your local big box store, it is not their fault it's just that they only have so much square footage.

That is why more than likely you will find a far greater selection of the larger dog houses online, the actual process of making the investment is no different than what we have mentioned above.

There is a lot of information here about dog houses for large dogs and we would be remiss if we did not talk about what these dog houses are going to cost and why.

Browse our article to learn more about dog house prices.