Indoor Dog Crates

Indoor Dog Crates

The benefits of an indoor dog crate

The idea of a crate for your dog in your home may seem tacky, after all most crates are wire mesh which can appear cold and not to mention unattractive.

However given the right one having an indoor dog crate has its benefits:

Security and safe haven for your dog

Everyone needs their safe space and it is no different for your pet, whether it is for a quick nap or sleeping at night.

Your dog’s ancestors used a den in the wild that was constructed with a single entrance and exit for security reasons.

A great way to isolate your dog for whatever reason

If you have a dog that does not do well with visitors then the crate is a great way to isolate them for short periods of time.

Another great feature of a crate is housecleaning; if you don’t want your dog from running across your freshly mopped floors you can place them in the crate during this chore.

With that is mind some dogs do not take well to the sound of a vacuum cleaner and it gives them a hideout.

Should your dog need medical attention

Sadly there are times when your pet may not be feeling 100% and will require a place to mend. A crate gives them a safe haven during recovery.

This is extremely important if there are multiple dogs in your family, an injured dog needs a secure place to avoid further injury from another well meaning dog that may just want to play.

A safe secure way to transport your dog

When it is time to transport your dog using a crate that they are familiar with, that has their smell and perhaps their blanket is much for comfortable for them.

This is especially helpful if they are injured and need to feel safe and it makes transporting much safer and easier.

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