Insulated Dog House Kits

Insulated  Dog House Kits

Insulated dog house kits for summer and winter!

When it is time to invest in a new home for your pet and you reside in a climate that has extreme temperature swings.

It is wise to look at insulated dog house kits, or at least dog houses that offer an insulation upgrade option.

A lot of homes already have the insulation option installed or offer it as an additional option.

Not all insulation is created equal!

The Insulated  Dog House Kits you look at should explain the R value of their insulation option.

Often when we think of these dog house kits and their benefits it is to keep our pets warm in the extreme cold winter months.

However there is another benefit and that is it will help keep your dog cooler during the hot summer months as well.

The insulation R value is important!

Like your own home the type of insulation used is very important and one of the best options is CFC free true foam seamless insulation panels (similar to the type used in home basements).

Rather than a low R value fiberglass insulation that will not provide the best comfort for your dog..

Another important factor is the insulation should be included in the roof not just the walls because of the heat loss that will occur goes mostly through the roof.

Adding heating & cooling with an insulation option.

If you reside in an area that experiences extreme hot or cold temperatures you may want to consider investing in a climate control unit (a type of heater & cooling system).

Then your insulation option will add additional efficiency to the climate control unit providing even more comfort for your pet.

Close that door and keep out the cold.

Another option that will help even more is if you can get a solid dog house door which makes the house even more energy efficient.

Combining the Insulated  Dog House Kits option with an upgraded door (optional on some models) and you have the ultimate in complete protection and comfort for your dog!

With the right options selected for your dog’s new home you can be rest assured your best friend will be comfortable all year.

The different dog house size options

Whether you are looking at extra large dog houses or considering luxury dog houses, there are insulation options available. 

The size of the dog house should not matter but rather whether the dog house manufacturer offers an insulated upgrade or if the entire product line is offered with the house already insulated.