Large Dog Houses

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Large Dog Houses

Large Dog Houses For The Big Breeds

If you are an owner of a large dog like a German Shepherd, Labrador or a Golden Retriever, just to name a few.

Then you understand some of the challenges when it comes to providing care and comfort for the large breeds and why they require large dog houses.

Finding A Selection Of Large Dog Houses

When it is time to replace or purchase a new home for your pet it is not likely you will find an off the shelf house at your local retail store.

This is no fault of theirs, the large dog houses will take up too much retail space in the store.

The doghouse builders are aware of this problem and offer extra large shelters with names like giant, colossal and even offer kennel doghouse combinations to accommodate the larger breeds.

Getting A Large Doghouse To Your Home

The challenge of most of these homes is the shipping.

Because of their sheer size and weight it can be an expensive project to deliver them to your front door, however depending on the type some do ship free.

The free shipping bonus is a huge benefit!

Another consideration is the cost, because of the larger size they will be on the higher end of the budget, so it would be wise to make sure you are getting the most for your investment so it will last as long as possible.

The good thing about the doghouse purchase is it does not have to be done on a regular basis unlike the grocery bill!

What Is The Right Size Dog House?

When it comes to investing in a big doghouse for a large breed dog one of the most difficult decisions is how big is big enough? 

One method for determining the right size is to measure the space your dog takes up when they are lying down and resting. Tape off the area and it will give you a good idea for the length, wide and overall size of the house.

Other measurements required is the height of your dog at the shoulder so they can clear the door opening bearing in mind dogs like to “dip” as they enter the opening, this dates back to their ancestors that had a den with a small opening but enlarged as they went inside.

Also you need to take into consideration if your dog is “gasp” over weight!

For some guidance on determining the right size we have dedicated a page to help with the decision for more information on How To Buy A Dog House Online.

Finally if you are on the fence between large dog houses or extra large dog houses it is always a good idea to go bigger it is far easier to make up for extra space with a blanket or mat than it is to make up for something too small.

Imagine the grief you would suffer through if you got a bed too small!

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