Large Indoor Dog Cages

Indoor Dog Cages

Large enclosures for your indoor dog

When you are selecting a new indoor cage or house for your dog there are several options that you have at your disposal.

You can go with a soft cage or if necessary an industrial strength metal cage for all size animals or a custom built unit that looks like part of your furniture.

There are several builders that make high end furniture that also doubles as a cage or bed for your dog, these can be very useful and will blend into your home décor.

Another advantage of having an indoor shelter is when you have guests that come over and you do not want your pet jumping on them especially if there are very small children, they can be easily injured or frighten by an over excited pet even though their intention is harmless.

You can also use a unit indoors for training purposes, when it is time for your pet to sleep at night or for any other reason it is wise to start the training when they are a pup so going inside will become part of their routine.

Finally if your pet is sick and requires that they rest without injury themselves it is much easier if there is a shelter that they are already familiar with.


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