Luxury Dog Houses

High quality luxury dog houses

Everyone has a different definition for luxury however when it comes to a dog house it may be difficult to decide what determines luxury.

When the term luxury, posh or luxurious is being used other terms like high end, expensive, high quality or top of the line are used to describe the particular brand or product.

However when it comes to a product like a dog house then the term craftsmanship needs to be included because it determines quality and longevity.

With these luxury dog houses you are providing the best of both worlds.

Are these fancy dog houses worth the price?

A custom luxury dog house is going to feature options that are not found on the run of the mill brands or also described as manufactured homes.

As soon as the idea of upscale enters the arena it opens up the purses and the imagination can go a bit wild because plush can mean not looking at the price tag.

So if the idea of a designer dog house is what you are looking for then these extravagant dog houses may be just what you are looking for.

The dog house kennel combination

With the dog house kennel combo your pet can be secure from the elements yet have a kennel area outside to enjoy their surroundings.

Most dog houses are designed with one thing in mind to keep your dog dry, warm and out of harsh weather.

Beyond that there is not much else to provide for as long as your pet has the freedom to run around the backyard.

However if you do not have a secure yard then that leaves you with only one option and that is to tie your dog up, that hardly qualifies as luxury.

With luxury dog houses of this type your dog is safe but not confined to a chain, but rather have a kennel area to be outside and not confined to a chain or inside.

These qualify as luxury in another way and that is they will look stunning in your backyard, 

They will blend in nicely with your landscape design and will not be an eye sore the way some other doghouses may be.

The giant sized dog houses

If the idea of a dog house kennel combination is too much for you either because of budget or just not having enough room, there is another option, consider an extra large dog house.


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