Portable Dog Washing Station

Portable Dog Washing Station

Wash Your Dog Indoors Or Outdoors

Some people just don’t like the idea of washing their large dog in the bath tub or maybe the bath tub is even too small.

Instead a portable dog washing station would be a better solution.

It can be set up outside so there is no mess when your dog wants to shake it all off, in your bathroom that could be a disaster especially if they are an extra large breed.

You Can Store Your Washing Station When You Are Done

A portable unit can be taken down when it is not in use and stored out of the way, it is also easier to move around than a heavy or stationary unit.

Some of the stations provide an elevated option which makes it a lot easier to wash your dog at their level and it is a lot easier on your back.

Dog Washing Stations Allow More Access To Your Dog

Another advantage of a washing station is you will have 360 degrees of access to your pet for easy washing and drying.

These units allow for easy filling and draining so you don’t have to lift the dog out after you are finished just drain the station and dry your dog.

So if the idea of trying to wash your dog in your bath tub is not appealing then maybe investing in a portable dog washing station is a good idea.

Lastly if you reside in a drought stricken area you can recycle the water to be used on your lawn, plants or garden area.

No Need To Wash Your Dog In The Sink Or Bathtub

Washing your small dog in the sink or your large dog in the bath tub can create a real mess, oh sure everything is fine until they get out.

That is when there is water everywhere, if your dog is like most they want to run and roll after a bath which can be a total disaster especially if they are the extra large breeds.