Portable Indoor Dog House

Portable Indoor Dog House

Small Indoor Dog Houses

Everyone enjoys their own space and your pet is no different, when it is time to relax and feel secure their own dog house is the ideal solution.

One important consideration is a home that is safe for your pet and well as everyone else in your home.

Fancy indoor dog house

However most indoor portable dog houses are actually crates or ugly cages! 

Won't it be nice to have a portable home that can be easily moved from room to room or quickly packed up and able to travel with you on the road?

Of course and now you can have that and more, plus these homes are attractive and will fit in with your current décor.

Soft indoor dog house

The unique soft design of this dog house makes it safe around children, no fear of injury if a child runs into it.

So there you have it, an award winning design that is safe for your dog and will fit nicely into your lifestyle.

Offered in two sizes and two different color schemes there is sure to be one that will fit your dog's lifestyle!

This is an award winning design that will provide safe haven for your pet indoors!

This portable indoor dog house features:

Unique attic storage for your dog’s toys or blankets.

Comfortable memory foam/Sherpa mattress is included with purchase. (See photos)

Travel friendly – Easy to transport with the carrying case that is included. (See photos)

Available in 2 Sizes - 21" Small and 28" Medium indoor dog house.

Fast and easy assembly - No tools required. (See video below).