Raised Dog Feeding Stations

Raised Dog Feeding Stations

Elevated dog feeder stands

It is dinner time at your house and you coming running into the kitchen because you are HUNGRY, when you get there all the food and your plates are on the floor!

This is what most dogs see at dinner time that is why Raised Dog Feeding Stations are a good idea.

Here are some of the reasons:

Better digestion for your dog.

It has been shown that dogs eating from an elevated bowl will chew slower and do not gulp their food as much.

Better posture for your dog.

A raised dog feeding station is recommended by veterinarians because it allows for better body posture.

Your dog is not stretching as much to reach their food, water and makes swallowing easier.

Good for the elderly dogs.

If you have an older dog then you already know some of the issues they have just getting through the day, so meal time should not be annoying for them as well.

An elderly dog that has joint issues is going to find it difficult leaning over to get to their food or water.

Choose Wisely.

If you do invest in an elevated station for your dog make sure that you take into consideration their size and health conditions and not go too high or too low.

The ideal situation would be a raised dog feeding station that is adjustable if you are not sure which one works for your dog.