Remove Dog Pee From Carpets

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 28th Feb 2018

Remove Dog Pee From Carpets

Getting rid of dog pee from your carpet

If you own a dog that lives in the house and is home alone all day at some point you will run late getting home and Fido had an accident on the carpet or rug.

These things happen and often there is nothing that you can do about other than go into clean up mode.

If the accident is on tile, hardwood floors or other surfaces it may require far less attention to detail.

But when it happens with carpet you are not only dealing with the carpet surface but also the pad under the carpet.

If you have a rental it can cost you a cleaning deposit or if you own the home you want to make sure there is no residual odor left behind. 

Don’t panic when this happens!

These things happen and there is a way to remove dog pee from carpets and rugs without leaving a nasty stain or odor.

Luckily dog urine contains more water than cat urine so the smell will not be as bad but no one wants a big stain in their carpet or rugs.

There are some tips that will remove the stain and odor from the carpet, just browse the infographic below for some step by step instruction.

It will not require a lot of solution to clean the area

One important tip to add and that is to go easy on the vinegar water solution.

No need to get the garden hose otherwise it will seep into the carpet under pad, a light spritz is all that is needed, just enough to activate the baking soda vinegar water solution.

Then science takes over and handles the rest, after it is dry just vacuum the area as usual and voila you are good to go!

The lemon essential oil, vinegar and water solution will disinfect as well as clean the urine area leaving a fresh scent.

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