Shipping Policies

Placing an Order 
To place an order on our website, please use our secure on-line shopping basket and enter your credit card information.
If you have questions regarding any of our products and services, you can email us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 

Methods of Payment 
We accept Visa/Master card, American Express,  Discover and Paypal. 

Delivery Time 
 Shipping of the dog house products is determined by the model ordered please see our FAQ's page under Doowaggle dog houses.

Doowaggle Dog House Damage/Return Policy


First and foremost, thank you for ordering from Doowaggle!  We know “stuff” can happen, and even though it is rare, damage may occur.  Doowaggle is very quality conscious, and we want to ensure that our customers and their furry friends are 100% satisfied!


Here are some “what ifs” for your review:


What if my dog house arrives damaged?  Once a dog house leaves our facility, it is out of our control, however, we do not release responsibility. First, we need to determine how/where the damage occurred, so this requires assistance from customers.  Upon receiving your order, promptly please inspect the packaging/cartons.  If damage is visible from the exterior, we need you to take pictures of same right away and make notes.  Most shipments (except for an XL Insulated Cedar Duplex Dog House) are delivered by FedEx without requiring a signature, but FedEx drivers have sole discretion and will deem appropriate whether a delivery will be left at the address provided by our customer.  Therefore, if someone is available when delivery is made, and the delivery driver can be retained, please have the driver document or sign a proof of damage statement. This can simply be done on the packing slip where you can describe the condition of the exterior packaging of your dog house delivery, with each party signing and dating.  Email your details and attached pictures to Doowaggle (  Proper claim can not be filed without these appropriate actions by customer.


If you detect severe damage** (and the condition of the exterior packaging should provide definite clues), you need to open all packaging/cartons as soon as possible, and while the delivery driver is present if that person can be retained, and completely inspect for any and all damage(s) to the contents. Again, request the delivery driver to witness while you open and inspect contents, make notes and take pictures, and have the driver document accordingly in their log (or on the packing slip), sign and date.  This information needs to be emailed to Doowaggle (  Proper claim can not be filed without these appropriate actions by customer.


**What if my dog house arrives severely damaged?  Once damage during shipping is determined (this is why pictures and details from customer are so important, as detailed above), we will send out the replacement parts in a timely manner, so your dog house can be assembled and occupied as soon as possible. We will deal with the claim for the damaged parts with the appropriate courier, as long as our customer has done their part in sending details and pictures.


What if something breaks while I am assembling my dog house?  Doowaggle has had little or no problems reported during assembly. Our dog houses/duplexes arrive in kit form, and once assembled using proper care, they will provide a strong/solid shelter for your dog. It is important that if you think assembling your dog house may be more than you can or wish to handle, then please consider having someone with the proper skills/tools assemble the dog house.  For example, if a power screw gun is used, and it is not on the appropriate setting, there is a chance the screws may be over-torqued, and could cause the wood to split.  The panels are designed to fit snugly and securely together, however, to avoid any possible damage, components need to be aligned correctly before inserting the screws and securing them completely.


What if I decide I don’t want the dog house?  If for any reason a customer decides they do not want the dog house and wish to return it, then customer is responsible to pay all fees involved to get the dog house shipped back, i.e.,  proper packaging/sealing, and all shipping costs, including insurance.  Depending on your circumstances there may be a 20% restocking fee. 


This brings up an important point:   It is advised that you retain the original packaging/cartons from the dog house, so it can be reused, if need.