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Deluxe Steel Indoor Dog Crate With Pad

This steel indoor dog crate is loaded with features including:

4 different entry points for easy access that include the tops, front and 2 side doors.

Easy to transport from room to room with handles and built in wheels.

Molded insulated base is durable and will withstand extreme temperatures.

Rounded smooth corners, no exposed steel to damage your vehicle and easy setup requiring no tools.

Not only is this crate good looking but also completely collapsible for quick transport or storage.

Included with this indoor crate is a soft comfortable fleece pad with carrying case.

Dimensions: 36.5” Long x 24.25” Wide x 27.5” High.


Benefits Of An Indoor Dog Crate

At first glance the idea of using a dog crate may seem cruel but that is not the case, here are several benefits of using an indoor dog crate:

For save haven – Like humans dogs need their own space they can consider their sanctuary, either for a nap or just to get away.

For medical reasons – We never want our pets to get injured but stuff happens and they may need to be isolated from other pets for their own safety.

For those days on the road – When we can we like to take our dogs with us when we travel, if your vehicle is not properly equipped for transporting dogs safely then a crate may be the answer.

This is where a soft crate would work well.

Training purposes – At no time do you want to punish your dog with a crate, they will just associate the crate to the punishment.

If you need to place them in a crate for whatever reason make sure they have their favorite blanket and toys.