Western Red Cedar Doghouse

Western Red Cedar Dog House

Western Red Cedar is excellent cedar for a dog house

Not all cedar is created equal so if you see a dog house that claims to be made of cedar it is wise to do some research.

One of the best cedar products is Western Red Cedar, that is why it is the most preferred cedar by craftsmen that work with wood as their profession. 

What Are The Western Red Cedar Benefits?

Listed below are just a few of the benefits, these are important for your dog and their dog house.

Very Stable & Remains Straight

Western Red cedar has double the stability of most common conifers and will resist warping, cupping, twisting and rotting prematurely.

It Is Termite Resistant

This wood features naturally occurring preservatives (tannin oil) that are resistant to termites, moisture and decay.

Provides Natural Thermal Insulation

Western Red Cedar Out performs common softwoods as well as brick, concrete and steel, meaning it feels cooler in the hot months and warmer during the cool months.