Wood Dog House Kit


Luxury Wooden Dog House

Wooden Dog Houses

When you are ready to invest in a new dog house there are several different building materials they may be made of.

However, the most common material is usually wood, whether it is cedar, pine, plywood or a wood composite.

The various other materials used besides wood, may be a composite material, plastic and a variety of other materials.

A wood dog house kit that requires minor assembly are usually made of panels that are easier to ship and can be assembled easily with basic tools and no special skills.

There are usually six to seven panels: the roof (it can be two pieces), the four walls, and the floor.

Assembly usually takes about twenty to thirty minutes depending on your skill level and how handy you are with tools.

Often it is far more cost effective to invest in a kit rather than hire a journeyman carpenter to build a custom home for you. 

The hourly wage and cost of materials could quickly surpass a kit.

What makes wood doghouse kits better than other dog houses?

First it will cost less than a custom built home or a fully assembled house that will require a freight truck with a lift gate, rather than a regular carrier like UPS or FedEx that can deliver the house to your front door.

Second the kit will be better than a solid plastic home because it will not emit chemicals that can leech out of the plastic, plus a plastic house in the heat of summer can be brutal, and not very efficient in the winter.

Finally a wood dog house kit ideally should have some type of vented roof, elevated floor for air flow and premature decaying from being on the ground and some type of door option.

There are also some kits that will offer or already have an insulation package.

The most important consideration should be your climate, the type of dog you have and finally where will the house be positioned in your backyard. If it is going to be in the shade it will be more comfortable in the summer.

Other dog house kits that need to be included are the luxury dog houses that are constructed using the finest marine grade plywood If it is protected from the wind and has a door option then it will be better for the colder months.